• The British Cartridges poster focuses solely on British cartridges and contains some of the first cartridges used by the British military during the last of its colonial era including Boxer and Musket cartridges from Asia, India, and other regions. Many of the cartridges were developed pre-WWI to post WWII.

    Calibers range from the .400" Nitro Express 2" up to 700 Nitro Express and 4 Bore including the 30mm (A-10 Warthog round). These are shoulder fired hunting and military, also Machine Gun, and Anti-Material cartridges. It also includes the unique British Nitro Express and Black Powder Express cartridges up to the 577, 600, 700 Nitro Express and 4 Bore. The Handgun section includes many cartridges common to sporting, military, and law enforcement in the British Empire.

    • Includes the Paradox Shotgun cartridges in 20, 16, 12, and 10 gauge as well as the larger Shotgun shells in 5, 4, 3, and 2 Bore cartridges.
    • Includes cartridges from the late 1800s up to modern day. These include the Martini Henry, Paper Coil, Brass-Foil Coiled cartridges and Black Powder Express (BPE). It also includes the Nitro Express series of cartridges, match cartridges, and other well-known British ammunition.
    • Includes a full range of cartridges from the 4.85mm British Experimental cartridge up to the 577 Nitro Express. It also includes historically significant military cartridges such as the Maxim Machine Gun, 55 Boys, Maxim Balloon Buster, and others.
    • Includes historically significant paper patched cartridges from the late 1800’s such as: Sharps, Peabody, Winchester, Nitro Express, Westley Richards, Schutzen, Grundig, and Werndl rounds.
    • The poster also includes significant long distance and Anti-Material cartridges such as the 375 & 408 Chey-Tac, 416 Barrett, 460 Steyr, 50 BMG, 50-20, 20mm, 25mm, and both 30mm from US Attack Aircraft.
    • Includes current and historically significant American, British, European, and Metric Big Bore cartridges that were mass produced or considered very popular.
    • The poster also includes historically significant cartridges like the 12 Gauge Paradox, 4 Bore, 1" Nordenfelt, 50 BAT Spotter, 50 BMG, .5 Vickers, 12.7x 108 Russian, 20mm, 25mm ,30mm and more.
    • Size: 24" tall by 36" wide
    • Fits a standard 24x36 frame
    • 282 photographed cartridges
    • Full color images - all Life Size (within 4/1000 of an inch)
    • Heavy duty - 100lb poster paper with High Gloss finish.