• An excellent tool for comparison, illustration or instruction!

    The Ammo Performance Specs poster is a hand picked selection of some of the most popular hunting cartridges and represents the full spectrum available to the hunting world. These range from the lightning fast 17 Remington up to the bone crushing energy and momentum of the 460 Weatherby and 500 Jeffery.

    The cartridges are organized into 17 unique groupings based on caliber. Each of the groups contain three or four cartridges that represent a "low, medium, and high" in there respective performance potential. A bullet weight is provided for each group. And the velocity, energy, momentum and recoil for each cartridge is shown in a bar graph as well as it's numeric value. Accurately compare one cartridge and it's specifications against any other cartridges of interest.

    • Size: 36" wide by 24" tall
    • 65 photographed cartridges and their corresponding performance specifications.
    • Full color images - all Life Size (within 4/1000 of an inch)
    • Heavy duty - 100lb poster paper with High Gloss finish.