• Cartridge Comparison Guide 2 is the ultimate hunting and ballistics source, built to help shooters maximize cartridge capabilities and ballistic understanding. The Guide considers every major factory and hand-load source for every Rifle, Shotgun and Handgun cartridge available in the USA. That is over 250 unique cartridges! It then breaks down all of this ballistics data, covering thousands of unique loads, and eliminates the mediocre and anemic loads. The result is a simple and easy to use set of data tables that presents the best ballistic potential, in every bullet weight available, for any cartridge a shooter can buy. Hunters and shooters will gain maximum benefit from a personalized cartridge selection using this book.

    Many professional hunters have called the 2nd Edition of the Cartridge Comparison Guide "THE Hunting Bible". Elite military snipers and avid outdoorsmen alike have called this book the Best and Most Comprehensive and easily understood ballistics manual EVER WRITTEN!

    • Compares every factory available cartridge from the 17 calibers up to the 577 caliber cartridges in Rifles, the 17 calibers up to 50 caliber cartridges in Handguns and Shotgun loads from 20 gauge up to 10 gauge. Further benefit is provided by integrating shotgun slug information in with the center fire rifle data tables.
    • Shows the greatest velocity, energy, momentum and recoil achieved for each bullet weight.
    • Displays which Manufacturers produce factory loads and the number of loads produced.
    • Source information for at least one factory load and one hand load for every bullet weight available in each cartridge is included.
    • 100% coverage of all Handgun and Rifle Cartridges produced in the USA by at least two minor factory load sources or one major factory load source.
    • Momentum Calculation for all Rifle, Shotgun and Handgun loads.
    • Additional discussion sections are included to help readers understand bullet construction, selection, and expansion, wound channel generation and how to choose the right bullet for any given application.
  • The Guide offers several unique benefits that set it apart from any other ballistic manual offered in the industry today. Here are just a few to consider:

    Tip One - Focusing on one cartridge you can see the full range of bullet weights and the best: velocity, energy, momentum, and associated recoil in every increment of bullet weight offered in the cartridge.

    Tip Two – One can compare each individual load from a cartridge of interest to any other cartridge with a comparable load. This illustrates how far you can stretch a cartridge in respect to any other cartridge. You can explore the full performance envelope of any cartridge. Thus you can maximize any cartridge’s versatility and capability.

    Tip Three - Projectile selection can be as important as cartridge selection. The Guide breaks down projectile construction; materials used and the intended application for each. This enables you, as a unique shooter, to understand which of the different projectiles will best fit your intended purpose and application.

    Tip Four - Energy on target is not always the most important parameter when hunting. However, predictable, controlled, and repeatable bullet behavior after impact can be the difference between success and failure. The Guide breaks down wound channel development and ties it directly to bullet expansion and construction. This gives each hunter the advantages of first understanding the unique performance each cartridge and projectile combination can offer, and second, determining which of these offerings are of interest to them. The CCG ballistic manuals can help you clearly define and then fine tune your expectations and requirements for varmint or furbearing animals, and from Small game up to Large & Dangerous game or even the African Big 5.

    • 340 Pages
    • Spiral Bound for easy reading