300 AAC Blackout

300 AAC Blackout

The 300 Blackout (or 300 AAC Blackout), yes 300 like 300 Win Mag, uses a 30 caliber or .308 caliber projectile. The 300 Blackout was purpose built for use in an AR-15, 223 / 5.56mm rifle platform. (It requires a barrel switch out and a few necessary tweaks, but most buy a Blackout upper.) It can propel a 110 grain projectile at 2,400 ft/sec. But what is really neat its ability to propel a 220 grain projectile at 1,020 ft/sec. This can be a real kick in the pants when used in a suppressed platform.

Some will ask, why is the 300 Blackout special? Suppressed 45 ACP platforms push 210 - 230 grain projectiles at 1,000 ft/sec. And these platforms have been around for over half a decade. My friend John Hollister with Sig Sauer said it best when he said, “Pointy bullets hit harder than short-fat-round bullets.” This is especially true as ranges extend past 50, 100, even 150 yards. Chew on it for a minute; it’s a very simple & true statement.

As far as hunting goes, the 300 Blackout is all but the most anemic of the 30 caliber cartridges. Its anemia is only surpassed by the 30 carbine. But if you consider that you can use a 110 – 125 grain bullet with velocities up to 2,400 ft/sec and achieve up to 1,400 ft-lbs of energy, it can be a pretty interesting cartridge for hunting deer and other 80 – 150 lbs game animals. It also has quite a few hog hunters very happy with its performance.

A third option I have been hoping would get explored is its potential in a survival firearm. Many of us are likely familiar with a break-down or survival rifle of some type: the papoose, Rossi Survival rifle or others. Some might even use a 7 or 8 shot large frame 357 Magnum. Remember I mentioned my friend John Hollister with Sig Sauer? Well they are now offering a very short and compact “MCX Rattler” ar-15 pistol chambered in 300 Blackout. It might be a bit pricey when comparing it to other established survival rifles or handguns. But it is worth a look. It could be a pretty neat and highly capable firearm for any situation where space, weight or length is critical.

Happy Hunting & Be Safe!