300 RUM

300 RUM

The 300 Remington Ultra Magnum is one of those interesting cartridges whose name says it all. It is a 300 Magnum class cartridge with some ULTRA behind it. Ballistically the 300 RUM’s only competition is the 30-378 Weatherby Magnum. And they both compete very well in Hand loads. In factory loads it appears that the 300 RUM loses out on some of its potential.

Three snap shot statements about the 300 RUM are the following.

1. With hand loads it can produce over 4,500 ft-lbs of energy with a 180 grain bullet as well as a 200 grain bullet.

2. It can push a 220 grain high B.C. Bullet at 3,000 ft/sec. That’s fast flat and far… very far. However, recoil is stiff and muzzle blast is significant.

3. It is a case that holds 95+ grains of powder. But for those who really like the speed, power and down range effect… It is hard to argue with it.


Quick Ballistics:

Bullet weights: 125 – 240 grains

Bullet velocities: 3,860 – 2,800 Ft/sec

Light & Fast: 150 grains @ 3,630 ft/sec = 4,388 ft-lbs Energy

Heavy & Fast: 200 grains @ 3,185 ft/sec = 4,504 ft-lbs Energy


Quick Ballistics Comparison:

30-06 Springfield FL 180 grains @ 2,880 ft/sec = 3,314 ft-lbs Energy

300 Win Mag FL 180 grains @ 3,130 ft/sec = 3,917 ft-lbs Energy

300 R.U.M. FL 180 grains @ 3,250 ft/sec = 4,221 ft-lbs Energy


The numbers really do speak for themselves. The other comparison for consideration beyond recoil or muzzle blast could be the powder consumption. 30-06 Springfield= 60 grains 300 Win Mag = 72 grains 300 RUM = 95 grains When it comes to the whole equation of the 300 Remington UItra Magnum, you may be pro or con. One thing is for certain, it requires more to achieve the big gains. Some want them, others don’t. But I don’t often hear those that shoot the Ultra Magnums complain about the down range performance. I look forward to your comments.

Good hunting, Be Safe!